THAT WAX Sports Wax was started by Jim Dundon and Al Puco, both avid softball players. After trying almost every brand of spray, pine tar and all the other sticky messy grip stuff out there they decided that the need for something that doesn't make a mess of your grip and something that doesn't take up much space in your sports bag. With a little background in baseball, hockey and surfing Jimmy came up with an idea, WAX, like what he used on his surfboard. Most surf wax is either too hard or too soft and just not tacky enough for grip application so he went right to the source. After tons of trial and error they finally came up with THAT WAX, a perfect ORGANIC blend of wax now known as THAT WAX. One of the biggest assets of THAT WAX is not only is it the perfect balance of ingredients it is also the ULTIMATE in sports bag deodorizers/fresheners.

THAT WAX Surf Wax is incredibly sticky, so sticky in fact we can't even put it in a wrapper. THAT WAX Surf Wax is individually packed in a ziploc bag to preserve and protect it from sticky to everything and everything, be prepared to get more air and pull off amazing cuts in any temp water.